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“Chef” For A Day “I had so much fun in the kitchen. The class was interactive– we talked, laughed, and took tons of pictures. We even got to pick on anything that was available in the kitchen!”

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Chef Andrea Consoli’s Cooking Class In Rome… “Chef Andrea opened the door and warmly greeted me…So I was able to sit and visit with Andrea for about an hour – and let me tell you – it was the BEST HOUR I had in Rome! ”

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Cooking class with Chef Andrea Consoli – Rome, Italy “The fact that I can remember all the recipes without looking them up also speaks for Chef Andrea’s amazing cooking/teaching talent. He is fun, funny, patient, and pleasant, and has the warmth of character that Italians are famous for.”

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Been There, Cooked That “Chef Andreas was passionate about his craft in a way that was refreshing, and in this “Zero Kilometer” restaurant (that means that everything in the restaurant…wine, produce, meat…comes from the Lazio region of Italy), you could tell that when you’re there for dinner or a cooking class, you’re family.”

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When In Rome: Taking a Cooking Class in Italy “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I wanted to follow that dictum on my recent trip to Italy, but where to start?…Learn to cook like an Italian chef? Ah, now, that’s the kind of Roman behavior I’d love to emulate.”


Obies in the Eternal City “…Between specific directions (cut this, boil this) he gave us tidbits of Italian wisdom, such as which wine to drink while cooking and how to make a plate of food as appealing to the eyes as the mouth.”