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Jak odbierałam nagrodę w Rzymie “Nadszedł w końcu moment, kiedy stanęłam przed drzwiami “Cooking Classes in Rome” na Via dei Fiennaroli. Już w pierwszych minutach poczułam się tam jak w domu: z miejsca zapachniało świeżo zaparzoną kawą, a wokół pełno było książek kucharskich i domowych bibelotów.”

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Cook Your Way Around the World “The classes are held Monday through Saturday and cost 65 Euros. The last time I was in Rome, I believe that is what my friend paid for our three drinks at the Ritz!”


Best Classes in Rome “Maybe you’re on vacation in Rome and want to do something memorable. Something that will set you apart from the tens of thousands of tourists flocking to the Vatican and gathering in hordes around the Colosseum.”

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Best of – The Rest “But, without a doubt, my favorite ‘tours’ were my cooking classes and my “Foodie” tour. They were all such a good marriage of food and culture, and frankly… that is what I want in a vacation.”

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4 Ways to Eat Like a Local in Rome “This is a not-to-be-missed cooking class where an authentic Roman chef will teach you how to cook authentic Roman dishes. The kitchen is located in the historic heart of Trastevere, literally “across the Tiber.”

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Tasty Cooking Vacation “While New York City offers plenty of classes on the fine art of Italian cooking, we think it’s best to go straight to the source. Cooking Classes in Rome features five-hour classes in Rome’s Trastevere district taught by chef Andrea Consoli.”

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Making Pasta “One of the best adventures you can have in Rome is to take a cooking class. You meet interesting people from around the globe, have a wonderful shared experience, and you get to eat what you make. WARNING: It can be addictive!”

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Now You’re Cooking with Romans! “…eating is at the core of travel. We all eat. We all eat differently based on where we are. So if a person is what they eat, a key way to understand them is to eat what they eat. At the very least you’ll get a taste of their culture.”

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Cooking (and Eating) in Rome “Not only does Cooking Classes in Rome provide you with an opportunity to learn more about traditional cooking, but it also makes you feel like you had a chance to really delve into the culture and expand your knowledge through your taste buds.”