Hrana Piće Priče

Kada ste u Rimu, kuvajte kao Rimljani “U prelepom delu Rima, Trastevere, ušuškan u lavirintu ulica, nalazi se restoran u kojem se održavaju časovi kuvanja. U njemu Šef Andrea Consoli uči polaznike kako se pripremaju izvorni italijanski recepati iz regiona Lazio, Rim. Savršena kombinacija istorije, kulinarske prakse i malih tajni velikih kuvara.”

Cappucinos and Cobblestones

Andrea, Erica, and the Little Monster “Tonight was without a doubt my best night in Rome so far!…The advertisement claimed that we would be working with an “Italian Chef” (Yes mom, a REAL Italian) in a restaurant. Because the program was offered through the school, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the experience.…

Megumi’s Diary

“シェフのアンドレアはユーモアいっぱい、ローマの食べ物の歴史やおいしいレストランの見分け方も交えて、大満足の楽しいクッキングコースでした。3時で終わるはずが、参加者同士の話もすすみ、結局4時半くらいまで長居しました。 個人旅行で、料理の好きな方、ぜひおすすめです”

Art is in Everything

Cooking Class “When I went to Rome, I felt my trip would not be complete without at least one Italian cooking class. It was an ultimate experience, from learning, to sharing, to meeting, and eating.”


All Things Roman “I was chef for the day in Italy, and I couldn’t be more happy. What took three hours to prepare, took two hours to eat, and was the best meal I had in Italy; the company was great too.”

Philippine Tatler

A Culinary Roman Holiday “When traveling, the only thing better than finding a non-touristy restaurant that serves amazing local food is having a local chef teach you how to prepare those dishes yourself.”

Daily Food & Wine

You Reap What You Cook “…Rome still has its share of hidden gems—and this one has no name, only a wooden door with the number 5 next to it. Andrea Consoli brings a true Roman experience to those seeking to define the meaning “of when in Rome do as the Roman’s,” in this case, cook.”