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Cooking Classes in Rome- a review, and part 5 of our Roman Holiday “As soon as introductions were over we were soon donning our aprons and put to work in the kitchen. Andrea is passionate about fresh local ingredients and using authentic Roman recipes. We learned lots! ”

AZ in Italy

Cooking Class “Roma. I love Italian food and often cook pastas and homemade pizzas at home. Little did I know about REAL Italian cooking.”

Wine and Food Tours With a Twist

Cooking Holiday Rome After having checked out some of the great Food Markets in Rome, it is time to roll up your sleeves the next day. Join an Italian chef in the kitchen and learn the secrets of how to prepare fantastic Italian food.”

Helen’s Italian Adventure

when in Rome, cook like a Roman “I have been making a mess and burning things in my mum’s kitchen since I was small and since I moved to Italy I have been trying to pick up as much as I can about their cooking style and recipes. The chance of learning from a chef…

da cachaça pro vinho

dcpv – giorno diece – roma – itália “Esta aula é um programa a ser feito por quem gosta de gastronomia italiana, já que você põe literalmente a mão na massa e desfruta de 5 horas de puro divertimento e novos conhecimentos, além de ter certeza que a Itália, especialmente Roma, é o lugar mais…

Lost in Town

Step by Step…Cooking Class! “A friend of mine was looking for a Cooking school but, unfortunately, to find lessons in English, it is almost impossible! Almost …until we bump into… the Andrea Consoli Cooking Classes!.”

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{wanderlust} Cooking Classes in Rome “But one of the best meals I ate during my time in Italy was one that I prepared myself. Well, one that I prepared myself alongside nine other students and under the tutelage of Chef Andrea Consoli of Cooking Classes in Rome.”

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Teachers “We have discovered (or, rather, rediscovered again) the value of a good teacher. When you find someone who is really good at what they do, really enjoys sharing what they know and is really good at communicating it, it is a can’t miss combination.”