Lekker & Liquor

Lekker: Traditional Tiramisu “I can’t imagine a better way to cap off this series of Italian recipes than with my favourite dessert of all time: tiramisu.”

Venturer From the Hill

Cooking Classes in Rome “Being in a small Roman kitchen with new names and faces was quite challenging at first, but Chef Andrea made it remarkably fun for us. I loved how he broke the ice between all of us, threw in a lot of Roman facts and remembers all our names.”


Best Cooking Class Ever! “While in Rome, we decided to try a cooking class – what a great experience we had! From the step by step lessons to the very likable humorous Chef Andrea, a great time was had by all. Not to mention some of the best food I’ve ever had!”

CIS Abroad

Affordable study abroad in Italy with CISabroad “Study Abroad in Italy. Italy offers everything a study or intern abroad participant could want: a great climate, rich culture, impressive art, tasty cuisine, and so on.”

Life of a Scott

the cooking class “One of the best parts of Andrea’s restaurant is that it is a 0 km restaurant (meaning that he gets all of his food locally… grown and made!). We had such a great time cooking, laughing, and talking…not to mention that I really learned so much about Roman cuisine.”

The State News

Italian Cooking Class Intense “I did not, however, expect a traditional four-course meal prepared under the guidance of a local, whose family owns a restaurant in the Trastevere area of Rome. Fifteen of us piled into a tiny kitchen at school and listened as our instructor, Andrea, described the menu.”

Cooking in Italy

Cooking Classes in Rome “…is run using the concept of Zero-Kilometers, which guarantees fresh and nutritious ingredients and allow us to have a changing seasonal menu.”  

USO Rome

USO Rome Center “Our goal is to make Rome one of the most memorable and positive experiences of our patrons’ military service by offering a “home while in Rome! ”