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4 Things You Learn in an Italian Cooking Class “If you’ve ever daydreamed that you were Julia Child in the movie Julie & Julia, dreamed of tasting your way through life as Johnny Depp in Chocolat, or ever wanted to cook in a professional kitchen in Italy, well, today your dream has come true.”

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Chicken Breasts in Orange Sauce and a Cooking Class in Rome “Ah, what an oasis. The street noises outside disappeared and happy music played. I took one of the last chairs at a long table set with drinks and pastries for us to nibble on.”

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Кулинарный мастер-класс в Риме “Пока мы все раззнакомились, шеф подал нам кофе с круассанами, каждый получил фартук и затем мы отправились на кухню!”

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Cooking, Living and Loving in Rome “I spent a lovely day with a great group of people from all over the world seeing, touching, feeling and tasting the true original flavours of Roman cuisine.”

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Cooking Class in Rome “It was a long day but we both agree it was something we think everyone should do. Visiting Rome is not just about seeing the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain. It is about learning about the people, their every day life.”

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Roma spopolano le cooking classes “Uno dei pionieri di questa attività è Andrea Consoli, giovane Chef romano…Andrea insegna trucchi e ricette nel suo locale, nel cuore della romanità e della cucina romana, a Trastevere.”

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A Broad, Travelling: Day 23: A Cooking Class in Rome “Learning how to make homemade pasta in Italy was high up on my Rome Bucket List and I was thrilled to pieces to be able to learn the skill hands-on at an Italian chef’s elbow.”