Sweet Life Rome

Wednesday: Cooking class and last night dinner… “As an icebreaker, we sat around a table and sharing some cheese, homemade jam and toasted bread. We cooked, talked and ate until…

Yum & Yummer

Recipe for the Freshest Marinara Sauce & Cooking Classes in Rome, Italy “Chef Andrea was hilarious and lightheartedly derisive, all the while being enthusiastically helpful to the less experienced hands…

Live Journal- dia Mantine

Кулинарный Рим “Шеф Андреа был первым в Риме, кто организовал курс подобного плана. Он настоящий профессионал и совершенно помешан на своём деле Такой весь итальянец до мозга костей!”

AZ in Italy

Cooking Class “Roma. I love Italian food and often cook pastas and homemade pizzas at home. Little did I know about REAL Italian cooking.”

Lost in Town

Step by Step…Cooking Class! “A friend of mine was looking for a Cooking school but, unfortunately, to find lessons in English, it is almost impossible! Almost …until we bump into……