Dreaming in Italian

Making Pasta “One of the best adventures you can have in Rome is to take a cooking class. You meet interesting people from around the globe, have a wonderful shared experience, and you get to eat what you make. WARNING: It can be addictive!”

The World Is Our District

Now You’re Cooking with Romans! “…eating is at the core of travel. We all eat. We all eat differently based on where we are. So if a person is what they eat, a key way to understand them is to eat what they eat. At the very least you’ll get a taste of their culture.”

Girl Meets Food

Cooking (and Eating) in Rome “Not only does Cooking Classes in Rome provide you with an opportunity to learn more about traditional cooking, but it also makes you feel like you had a chance to really delve into the culture and expand your knowledge through your taste buds.”

Wanderlust and Lipstick

WanderFood Wednesday: The Hunt for Great Italian Food in Italy “On we went to Rome, where we ended our trip with an Eating Italy Food Tour and a cooking class at “Cooking Classes in Rome.” These were my two favorite foodie experiences in Italy. The food tour and cooking class, back to back, were a…

When (or wine!) in Rome…

Cooking Class in Roma “For a majority of the class, I made homemade pasta. I was so in my element. I cannot wait to make my family a homemade, traditional Roman dinner! Taking a cooking class in Roma was such a great experience for me as an Italian!”


When in Rome “U prelepom delu Rima, Trastevere, ušuškan u lavirintu ulica, nalazi se restoran u kojem se održavaju časovi kuvanja. Nas dvanaestoro se tog kišnog jutra našlo u toploj i prijatnoj kuhinji.”

Nuovo Inizio

Mamma e Io: Cooking Classes in Rome “…my Mom came to visit me in Rome for my first break of the school year. We did a whole lot of exploring, sight-seeing, eating, amongst other adventures, but by far my favorite day was the cooking class we participated in at Cooking Classes in Rome, with Chef…